Facilitation & Team Building

A great deal of research, feedback and business experience has shown that, for an organisation to be successful, its employees must perform together to achieve their goals – and to achieve maximum success, everyone needs to be working together.

We also know that people learn best by ‘doing’: practical experience is the most effective way of ensuring the transfer of knowledge into the workplace.

At McManus HRD we can provide bespoke team building sessions to meet your specific team needs. Examples of team building sessions we have delivered include:

  • Supporting new teams coming together for the first time
  • Helping several teams work together more effectively
  • Resolving team conflict
  • Creating a team vision, values, strategy
  • Team development and increasing team performance

We can also provide facilitators for larger team, HR or training events. If you would like to have a no obligation discussion with us about your team’s needs, please contact us here.